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1:1 Embodiment mentoring

Live in alignment with what makes you happy to experience a deeply fulfilling life.

Sometimes we know change needs to happen and feel at a loss for exactly what or how to go about it. Mentoring sessions help you to locate and trust your inner guiding system to incorporate a sense of faith and confidence in the future.

The primary aim is to help you connect to the truth that YOU are the expert you are seeking and know precisely what is best for you. So, while mentorship can continue as long as you feel it is helping, it is designed to empower you with everything you need to become your own mentor and no longer rely on others to guide you!

Specialising in working with:

People who are just beginning to realise that there is more to life than meets the eye and are wanting to learn how to access their own unique magic.

Spiritually sensitive people, particularly those who have left painful experiences with dogmatic new age spiritual ‘schools’. Claire is dedicated to helping you to reconnect with your own internal wisdom and your version of spirituality outside any dogma.

Mentoring can help you to:

Access your intuition and inner magic

Heal negative body image and self-talk and learn to love your body exactly how it is.

Enhance your connection to the part of you that knows exactly what you want your life to be

Gain a deeper understanding of what is holding you back

Become more comfortable with the process of change and sitting in the unknown

Reduce anxiety and cultivate an inner resilience

Learn how to say no and set effective boundaries that feel good for you

Learn to listen to what your body needs

Reignite your inner love for yourself

Foster self-compassion and kindness

Thrive in romantic and sexual relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an optimum length of time to be mentored?

This is unique to each person though it is important to point out that the end result of working together is to feel as though you can become your mentor. Oftentimes when people start mentoring, they are in crisis therefore require more frequent sessions to begin (such as once a week). Some people instinctively reach a point where there is a graduation to their own inner compass and mentoring comes to a natural end. Others may choose to space the time between sessions out or finish regular sessions and dip into ad hoc sessions whenever they need some extra support through big stuff. With new clients the preference is to work together weekly for a period of 6-8 weeks and reassess at that point.

What do current clients say about their mentoring outcomes?

I have had mentoring sessions with Claire for 4 years. Claire has consistently provided a safe space for me to process my thoughts and emotions and learn to cherish my sensitivity and see it as one of my strengths. Claire is a gentle guide, who always points me back to finding my own wisdom, she 100% walks her talk in her own life and provides supportive insights from her extensive experience in her own meditation, embodiment and creative practices. I would say that Claire could help anyone who wants to get to know themselves on a deeper level and build a life that feels truly aligned, pleasurable and purposeful for them in their own unique way. My work with Claire has also significantly changed how I relate with other people and overall I feel that I have much healthier relationships now and like my needs can be truly met whilst also being a better friend, partner, community and family member to others.

How does the self-determined pricing work?

Classes are offered at a self-determined (you decide) price within a set range. We recognise that can be uncomfortable when you’re accustomed to the conventional system, however, when we say pay what feels good for you, we genuinely mean it. Here’s why:

It’s important to Claire that this work is accessible to as many people as possible, and that cost is not a factor that would prevent someone from receiving continuous care if they wanted to. There is zero judgement around what you choose to pay. Emphasis on zero. Select a price that honours the value you receive from your time with Claire, while taking into consideration your current financial situation, financial privilege and what feels like a comfortable exchange for you to be able to prioritise receiving support in your life (this may vary over time). If the minimum rate is still too prohibitive, please get in touch so we can work something out. 

Before any mentoring relationship commences, the first step is booking an initial chat. This complementary discussion is designed to ensure that working together is going to be the right fit for both parties and that you will make progress together. There is zero obligation to continue from this point if it doesn’t feel right for any reason.