Come home to yourself.

Are you ready to feel truly comfortable and at ease in your body?

Whether you’re at the start of your embodiment or meditation journey or looking to deepen your practice, join an online community of likeminded beings who can help keep you accountable in strengthening your self-awareness. Group classes and mentoring sessions are inclusive, confidential and readily accessible from the comfort of your own home.

Learn how to:

Strengthen the connection between your mind and body for a fully embodied life

Soothe self-doubt and embrace your imperfections

Connect to your intuition

Befriend your inner critic and quieten your busy mind

Be comfortable saying ‘no’ without feeling like you’re letting anyone down

Step away from the person society says you should be, to become who you truly are

Access the part of you that feels effortlessly capable and empowered


Take the first step:

Embodiment meditation

Online 30 min group embodiment meditation classes and longer workshops that allow for more 1:1 work and multiple meditations

Embodiment mentoring

1:1 online mentoring and coaching to help you cultivate the inner knowing that you are complete and whole precisely how you are. 

what-does-embodiment-mean-embodiment coach meditating

What does embodiment mean?

In our modern Western world, we are repeatedly taught to listen to our mind’s agenda and ignore our body’s messages.

We are taught to push through fatigue, our monthly cycle and injuries. To curb our body’s needs through restriction and deprivation. To numb out stress and feelings with food, alcohol and technology.

Embodiment is the recognition that our body and mind don’t exist separately but are instead intimately connected. It is also the practice of connecting the two so that we feel more in tune and aligned within ourselves. When we practise embodiment, we take note of our body’s messages to adjust our days and lives according to how we feel. We learn to live in alignment with our body, mind and soul, recognising that non-dual consciousness (aka a deep connection between mind, body and environment) is what leads to the greatest peace, harmony and empowerment.

Learn to cultivate interoception.

The key to practising embodiment in everyday life.

Interoception is a process that can be both conscious and unconscious. Unconsciously, it is the way your brain interprets signals from your body and adjusts accordingly to alter things such as your heart rate and hormone levels without you even thinking about it. Conscious interoception, on the other hand, is where the magic starts to happen.

By attuning your awareness to what you feel inside your body, you learn to recognise your body’s signs and signals and adjust your choices, behaviours and decisions to better support its needs. Through embodiment meditation and mentoring, I help you to cultivate interoception so that you feel more aligned and attuned to your body on a daily basis. This translates to a radical shift in your experience of relaxation and the way you respond in your relationships and situations that arise in everyday life. Recent developments in neuroscience have also confirmed how interoception, meditation and embodiment all positively impact on the wiring of your brain, enhancing the function of your medial prefrontal cortex. This is the part of your brain that is pivotal in reducing anxiety and regulating reactivity as well as improving motivation, focus and memory.

About Claire Emma

Certified embodiment teacher, meditation and yoga instructor.

With an unrelenting thirst to understand life and human psychology, Claire has been to many corners of the earth exploring various practices of self-actualisation and embodiment. She has explored society’s fringes alongside more conventional approaches and this has provided her with a well-rounded and diverse array of skills and interests. Passionate about helping people locate and learn to trust their inner guiding systems and aligning folks to the life that brings them the most joy, Claire began coaching in the corporate realm in 2007 and commenced teaching yoga and meditation in 2013. Finding her way to the work of Judith Blackstone, Claire draws on her broad background and the Realization Process to deliver non-dogmatic embodiment meditation and mentoring that powerfully changes her clients’ lives.


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