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Certified embodiment teacher | Empowerment mentor
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non-dogmatic embodiment mentorship and meditation 

Cultivate self-awareness to reduce stress, improve relationships and increase joy.

As a certified embodiment teacher, Claire’s primary aim is to help you recognise that YOU are the expert you are seeking. Through meditation and mentoring, Claire empowers you to know precisely what is best for you and supports you to carry out meaningful changes that reflect this.

Each embodiment meditation and empowerment mentoring session is designed to help you fine tune your interoception, aligning your body and mind so that you reconnect with your own innate wisdom. There is no dogma to follow, no right or wrong path to take. There is simply a practice of learning how to come home to yourself and trust your body’s wisdom.

discovering layers of internal world with interoception

The answers you seek are already inside you.

Sometimes you just need a gentle nudge to locate them.

It may not be immediately apparent, but if you pause to truly reflect on what causes you stress, it is not the things that happen (or have happened) in your life. It is your internal dialogue – the things you say to yourself about what occurs that causes you stress. Your body keeps a score too. What we don’t release or allow becomes trapped in our body. This has a powerful impact on our brain and biochemistry.

Interoception can help you to connect to the fundamental ground of your being, the part of you that pulses with innate wisdom. When you live your life connected to this part of yourself, it frees you from being defined by what has happened to you and who you have been told you need to be. You learn to recognise the voice of your intuition and trust it as the guiding force of your life moving forward. And you attune to the messages in your body releasing stuck trauma and repressed emotions to live a fully embodied life. This radically changes your sense of self, freeing you from strong reactions to things you can’t control and allowing you to experience deep and meaningful connections with others. Once learned, interoception is something you can strengthen on your own.

While the stillness and focus of meditation cultivates it, interoception can be accessed in an instant at any point in your day. With practice, you will learn to live effortlessly as this awareness rather than needing to ‘access’ it. It is a permanent transformation of your whole body and perception of your environment (what is referred to as non-dual realisation).

Claire teaching interoception
claire teaches interoception

Get to know Claire

A seeker of truth and wisdom with an entrepreneurial spirit, Claire has diverse experience in the corporate, spiritual and wellness arenas.

Drawing on her background in business management, Claire started professionally coaching in 2007 before adding meditation and yoga teaching to her repertoire in 2013. Deeply passionate about promoting human welfare, Claire also started Nikita Handmade in 2013 – a philanthropic enterprise giving women in rural Cambodia a means of supporting themselves to prevent human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

Her determination to eradicate inequality has seen Claire volunteering with environmental and indigenous organisations and pursuing anti-racism and decolonisation leadership in the USA. More recently she has dedicated herself to mentoring low-income social impact entrepreneurs and helping her clients to access the power of embodied non-dual consciousness through her online meditation and mentoring sessions. Specialising in working with spiritually sensitive people and those who have left painful experiences with dogmatic new age spiritual ‘schools’, Claire is dedicated to helping them to reconnect with their own internal wisdom and their version of spirituality outside the dogma.


Oat Latte

Pottery, Partner Dance, Functional Movement

Integrity, Wonder, Connection

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

We Can Do Hard Things

Committed to her own self-development and personal learning, Claire has completed various certifications that have provided her with an extensive toolkit to draw from.

Healing Ground Teacher Training (spiritual psychotherapy) Realization Process [2022 – 2023]

Embodiment Teacher Training, Realization Process [2021 – 2022]

Spiral Practitioner Training – The Spiral Institute [2015]

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – Yogini Devi [2013]

Tantric Yoga, certified to level 8 – Agama Yoga [2012-2013]

Train the Trainer – CGU Insurance [2008]

Executive Coaching – CGU Insurance [2007]

Death Doula Certification – Life Options


Healing Ground (spiritual psychotherapy) – Realization Process [2021]

Unlearning: For Change Agents – Charles Eisenstein [2020]

Leading From the Emerging Future – MITx u:lab [2020]

Empathic Ground – Realization Process [2020]

Embodied Consciousness – Embodied Flow [2019]

Living in the Gift – Charles Eisenstein [2019]

Somatic Meditation, Dharma Ocean [2019]

Ancestral Movement Retreats, Ancestral Movement [2019 – current]

The Art of Circling – The Circling Institute [2018]

Relationships – Higher Alignment [2018]

Way of the Womb, Way of the Womb [2015]

Self Partnership, Initiation, Release, Rapture –  Self:Cervix [2015 – 2022]

8 week journeys, 9 day retreats (staff), Dancing Eros for Men (staff) –  Dancing Eros [2015 – 2018]

Vipassana, Dhamma Āloka [2013]

Relationships (staff), Sexuality workshops (staff), Tantra is Love [2013-2015]

Complete Femininity, Agama Yoga [2013]

Kashmir Shaivism, Agama Yoga [2013]

The Art of Dying – Agama Yoga [2013]

Tantric Sexuality 1 and 2, Agama Yoga [2012 -2013

Tantric meditation, yoga, philosophy – Agama Yoga [2012 – 2013]