Dive deeper into embodiment by strengthening non-dual consciousness

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60min Group Embodiment Meditation

Extending on the shorter online meditation classes, the 1hr embodiment workshops allow for a deeper, more immersive experience.

With more time for conversation, the embodiment workshops offer multiple meditations and the opportunity for participants to work 1:1 with the facilitator in front of the group. This can be powerful for both the individual and the group, as themes that arise are commonly shared by participants.

These online meditation workshops are ideal for those who have questions or would like to discuss what’s coming up for them through the meditations. They’re also well suited to those who have some experience with meditation, interoception or other non-dual consciousness work as they build on the 30min meditation sessions by offering optional intermediate and advanced instructions to deepen the practice.

Those participants who get 1:1 support are guided to locate specific areas of their body which they may be finding a challenge to inhabit. This can open up their practice to a whole new level. Embodiment workshops guide you through the “Embodiment and Movement” Realization Process which infuses the original process with subtle movement practices that help you to:

Open your body’s subtle energy channels

Integrate the mind, breath and body

Strengthen non-dual consciousness

Cultivate the essential qualities of being, including love, awareness, power and sexuality

Heal physical injuries and chronic structural problems

Workshop Times (March - May)

All times in Brisbane, Australia (AEST) timezone. (The booking page will show you class times in your own timezone.)


Arranged on application this season. Please get in touch to express interest.


Key benefits include

Individualised support to locate/inhabit spaces of your body that may currently be unavailable to you

A deep dive into the subtle energy body which helps you to make contact with the whole internal space of your body at once

The release of rigid habitual holding patterns in your body which increase your capacity for emotional responsiveness and physical sensation while reducing reactivity

The dissolution of fixed ideas and patterns of self and other which strengthens relationships and fosters a deeper sense of self

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to happen during a session?

Sessions are most often conducted in a comfortable seated position, although on some occasions there will be brief exercises that require standing, moving or lying down. Suggested body positions are a guide, you can always practice in whatever position feels most comfortable to you. The 60 minutes allows for guidance through a couple of meditations along with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your experiences and work 1:1 with the facilitator on areas you feel may be challenging for you.

What can I expect to feel during the meditation?

This will change depending on how long you continue the practice and your experience with meditation practices in general. Most beginners find the meditation very grounding and calming. You may experience an inner stillness and get a sense of how it feels to be in your body within the first few sessions. As you continue, you will be able to attune to your energy body and get better at inhabiting different parts of your body with more ease. Most people say that it takes about 3-4 weeks to experience a strong connection to self and a feeling of all over embodiment.

When can I expect to see changes?

This will depend on where you find yourself currently, as your starting point will impact how quickly you will see changes. That said, many people notice change within the first few sessions. The longer you continue to practise, the better you will get at sustaining those changes you feel during meditation practice, outside of class.

How do I join in Zoom?

You will be emailed a link prior to your session and you simply need to click that link to join. If joining from your phone you will need to have downloaded the Zoom app. If joining from a computer, you can link in to Zoom online.

How does the self-determined pricing work?

Classes are offered at a self-determined (you decide) price within a set range. We recognise that can be uncomfortable when you’re accustomed to the conventional system, however, when we say pay what feels good for you, we genuinely mean it. Here’s why:

It’s important to Claire that this work is accessible to as many people as possible, and that cost is not a factor that would prevent someone from attending if they wanted to. There is zero judgement around what you choose to pay. Emphasis on zero. Select a price that honours the value you receive from the classes, while taking into consideration your current financial situation, financial privilege, what feels like a comfortable exchange for you to be able to prioritise meditation practice in your life (this may vary over time), and/or how regularly you are attending. If you are experiencing financial hardship and $5 a class is still too prohibitive, please get in touch so we can work something out.

A little note on trauma…

Being ‘in’ the body can bring up a lot for anyone, especially trauma survivors.

This work can be powerfully supportive for people with a history of trauma. However, it is strongly advised that you have worked or are working with a professional therapist for support so that you are familiar with your own psychological background and have worked through any acute trauma already.